Our Roots

Booksure™ is a South African company with its roots in the financial industry and over 30 years of combined experience within the independent accommodation market.

The company was founded during 2003 with the objective of addressing industry needs by developing a flexible, easy-to-use reservation and secure payment platform that could be easily integrated into a new or existing website.

Booksure™ was founded by the the Magus Group .

Our Vision

“To be the leading provider of secure internet transaction services and travel information to the independent accommodation market!”

Progression of the Booksure™ System

In 2005, www.booksure.com was launched and soon became the leader in enquiry based booking systems. Guesthouses and guests alike enjoyed the communication and intimacy offered by the reservation process. Booksure™ provided a more economical solution to credit card payments than a credit card machine positioned at the Establishment and at the same time provided a streamlined, easy booking system.
After the 2010 World Cup Soccer, that saw streams of visitors pour into South Africa, the accommodation market started to decline and many Establishments were forced to close their doors. Booksure™ saw the need to do more marketing to the guests in order to bring about more business for their establishments.
In 2012, The Code Group joined the team, bringing with them a dedicated team of experienced developers. The Booksure™ system was revamped, including the addition of specialized online marketing tools and optimization to increase the flow of traffic, thereby matching the guest with the accommodation establishment. The new system also saw the introduction of a real-time booking option to cater for those Establishments who preferred to take advantage of a more spontaneous booking.
2013 saw the Booksure™ product differentiated with the introduction of a seperate listing site www.bookthespot.com. Due to the many different types of Establishments, all of which have differing needs, Booksure™ launched different packages, where Establishments get to choose which modules they would like to use.

In 2015, the Mobile RMS app for Booksure was launched, helping establishments to respond to enquiries and manage their businesses on the move.

Looking to the Future

To maintain our vision, Booksure™ will
- become a system which travellers and hospitality service businesses become reliant on.
- keep the system current with new technologies and services.
- continuously add value to the system through additional functionality and modules.