Full Control
You own your information. Take control by keeping your information up to date. One size does not fit all, customize your Booksure™ package to suit your needs.

Real-time Bookings (Optional)

Limit number of rooms available for real-time. Select whether to accept instant bookings or to be given 24 hours to confirm a real-time booking request. Set shutdown dates for certain rooms or your entire establishment.

real time

Enquiry / Quote (Optional)

Should you prefer the intimacy of communicating with your guest via a quote, you can opt not to turn on your account for real-time booking acceptance.

enquiry quote

Rates Plans

Set up multiple rate plans per room type. Different rates may be applied depending on whether meals are included or excluded. Another rate could be applied depending on the length of stay.


Cancellation Terms

Define different sets of cancellation terms. This may be utilized if your cancellation terms differ depending on the rate plan applied to the booking.


Mobile Application

No more "Wait until I get to the office" before attending to enquiries and messages from guests. With the Booksure mobile application, you can respond to your guests without delay, ensuring faster response times and more bookings.

mobile app