Thanks a million for helping this "computer greenie". I’m very impressed with your kindness and helpfulness. It’s good to know there are still people out there who care enough to go the extra mile. (27 Jun 2014)
- Vanessa Nortje

Booksure launches the new version of their platform. A great job ladies!! Really what we needed...another step toward a fully integrated platform for Guest House Management. Looking forward for a seamless channel management! Great Job! (01 Sep 2013)
- Pier Mane

Wow, thanks so much! I really appreciate your fast and efficient service!
- Annette Gotz

We use Booksure already for more than six years and love it! It is easy to use for both sides - the guests side and ours, and it is cost efficient and reliable. Wouldn't change to another system - for sure!
- Meike & Martin Prenzel

It is with great pleasure that Karoo Lodge, Prince Albert, offers this testimonial. To appreciate, one needs to know where Prince Albert is situated, which is at the foot of the Swartberg Pass in a sub-tropical paradise of micro climate guarding the Great Karoo. Great scenery, Mountain hikes, Olives, Fruit and Sheep farming, loads of scarce succulents and at times covered with a carpet of wild flowers covering the horizon, bordered by snow capped mountains However, near to nothing. At first it had been very difficult, irrespective of Internet Marketing, to capture visitors from Europe, the UK and USA, and South Africa, due to the fact that we had no possibility of obtaining deposit payments and at times had empty beds, having found out that “No Deposit” also meant that I, the proposed visitor, did not need to inform the host of my intention not to arrive! Cash payments and transfers seemed to be a hassle and costly to our visitors We made use of Credit Card Machines, but living in the outback, also meant that when something went wrong with the machine, lighting being a mayor factor, the technician will only find his way to our doorstep about three weeks after reporting the problem. Lucky for us, we heard about the Booksure Secure Payment System. Immediately we were back into the modern world. Less commission paid as opposed to that paid to the Bank. Making bookings and receiving deposit payment within minutes from places as far away as Helsinki ,Oslo and Melbourne. Our tourist turnover increased by major percentages . The SMS system of pre-warning is magic as we all know the quicker you reply , the greater the chance of securing a booking. All our booking records on file since June 2005. Eight years of hassle free service from Booksure. Who wants to change?

- George Peters

Thanks so much for your helpfulness. I knew I could count on your good service.
- Michelle Adams

We have been doing business via the booksure.com website since 2008 and have always found the products efficient and the service friendly and helpful. The credit card payment system has especially been very beneficial to our bed and breakfast and has helped us provide a variety of professional services to our guests. We would highly recommend the booksure system and look forward to many more years of working together.

- Margo and Agnieszka

Like Home B&B are using Booksure for credit card payments from all over the world...What would I do without it and how can any small Guest House manage without it? Brilliant system. Thank You Booksure!

- Lena Smyth