Frequently Asked Questions

Setup and Activation

No, this is not a requirement.
Your account will be activated within 1 working day after your application has been approved. Approval is subject to due diligence checks performed by Booksure.
Booksure is an online booking system and it is not necessary to install software on your computer.
Booksure is a cloud-based system and can only be used with an active internet connection.
There is no limit to the number of rooms that you manage. Booksure charges a flat monthly fee for Studio members regardless of the number of rooms an establishment has. Cabin members pay no monthly fee.
Should you require assistance with any of the Booksure processes, our dedicated support team is available to assist you.
  • Email: Contact our support staff at
  • Telephone: Call us on +27 (0)861 115 138 (SA) or +27 (0)42 293 4084 (outside SA) during office hours Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM (GMT + 2).
  • Live Chat: Live Chat support is available on the Studio package.

Bookings and enquiries

Real-time allows potential guests to view your exact rates and availability for a specified date range. The guest can make a payment to confirm the booking instantly. No communication or quotations take place prior to the booking as with an enquiry-based system.
Yes, you can give your guests both options. Real-time bookings and enquiries will be synced up automatically.
You can decide how many rooms to make available for real-time bookings. You can also shut down rooms for certain dates or rate plans. To further prevent overbooking scenarios, you may choose to switch on a 24-hour authorisation period for real-time bookings. By doing this, you will have 24 hours from the time of receiving the booking to either approve or decline the booking.
You can contact Booksure support at to arrange for real-time to be switched on for your establishment at no extra cost.
You will receive email notification. Should you have enabled SMS notification and have sufficient SMS credits, you will also receive an SMS.
Yes, you have the option to use our customisable buttons and widgets on your website to streamline the booking process. Any bookings made through your website will be delivered straight to your Booksure Booking System. The buttons and widgets come inclusive with your membership and no commission is charged on bookings received through your website.


You can either send your guest a quote or a payment link from which he will be able to pay online using a credit card. Booksure provides a secure payment gateway facility accepting payments via Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club cards.
You will receive email notification for every successful guest payment. You will also receive SMS notification if this functionality is enabled. From within your Booksure dashboard, you will have full access to all payments and transactions.
Yes. These can easily be processed using Booksure’s secure payment gateway.
Although Booksure is not a bookkeeping system, Studio members will have the ability to print an invoice from the system for any quote or booking.
Booksure charges no commission, but a small credit card processing fee will be charged on successful payments processed via Booksure’s secure payment gateway. Please visit the pricing page for fees for details.

Secure payment gateway

Depending on the subscription package, the amount owing will either be paid over within 2-4 working days or 24 hours after guest has checked in.
You can login to your Booksure dashboard and check your payments and transactions section to see the guest amounts outstanding.
Yes. Refunds can easily be requested through the system, and are manually processed by the Booksure support staff.
Chargeback means a credit card transaction is returned to the acquiring bank (Booksure's Merchant Bank) by the issuing bank (cardholder's bank) and which may be debited to the merchant's bank account. When your guest arrives, check the validity of the credit card and the identity of your guest. 3D secure will help to reduce the chargeback risk.
Booksure participates in the Verified by VISA / Mastercard Secure Code / American Express Safe Key worldwide anti-fraud program known as 3D Secure. If a credit card is enrolled in this program, the Client Selected PIN number (CSP) is required to complete the payment. 3D Secure offers the guest a sense of security knowing that they can make bookings securely online. 3D Secure offers the guesthouse chargeback protection in that “I didn’t do it” chargeback claims can be avoided.
On 28 Feb 2013, the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) mandated the implementation of 3D secure for all merchants processing ‘Card not Present’ credit card transactions. As a South African merchant, Booksure is obligated to comply with this mandate.
This option is available to Studio members. This functionality can be switched on or off from within your Booksure dashboard. channel integration

Opt-in to channel integration. By doing this, you maintain your rates and restrictions through Booksure and we take care of keeping your listing in sync. All availability of rooms will be kept in sync, thereby reducing your risk of overbooking.